Dear Residents,

The thirty-day bridge closure period we are currently in has work being done around the clock, 24/7, including holidays.  We have talked with Nassau County about complaints of noise and activity from residents in the vicinity of the bridge.  We are happy to share with you the steps Nassau County is taking to address these concerns.

  1. Construction Activity: Workers will no longer park on the south side of the bridge. At night, construction activity will be localized to the north side of the bridge.
  2. Noise Control: We will increase the use of sound-absorbing blankets to reduce noise. The blankets will be positioned near the openings in the north tower (current work location) to block and divert sound waves away from the residents.
  3. The jackhammering noise will cease once the concrete is demolished and will not last for the entire closure.

Should there be any other concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Mill Neck Village Hall. Again, thank you for your continued patience.