Letter from Nassau County regarding Bayville Bridge Closure


Dear Mayor Quick: 
The County has been informed of an unforeseen site condition related to the structural work on the Bayville Bridge during the full closure. This issue was not apparent during the engineering phase of this project and was only discovered when certain components were disassembled. 
The County has held several meetings with the Designer, Construction Management Consultant, and Contractor to evaluate the field condition and develop the appropriate solution with the least impact on the project. 
We have hired a special inspector for the necessary procedures who will arrive on-site to supervise the work on March 21, 2023. 
The work is expected to resume on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.  Upon completion of the work related to the unforeseen field condition, the Contractor will resume the regular Contract work with an expected duration of approximately twenty-two (22) days, barring any additional unforeseen conditions. Therefore, the anticipated opening date of the roadway is projected to be mid to late April. 
If you have any questions, contact the Project Manager, Juan Medina. 
Very truly yours, 

Kenneth G. Arnold, P.E. Commissioner of Public Works