LOCAL LAW 10-2023
The Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Mill Neck, Nassau County, New York,
at a meeting of said Board duly called and held on Tuesday, December 12, 2023, at which a quorum
was present and voting, after due notice and a public hearing, duly adopted, Local Law 10-2023
entitled, amendment to Chapter 129, “Zoning,” Section 129-34, “Prohibited uses,” to the Code of
the Village of Mill Neck.
BE IT ENACTED by the Board of Trustees of the Incorporated Village of Mill Neck as
SECTION I. Amend Section 129-34, “Prohibited uses,” in part, to read as follows:
In addition to the uses prohibited herein above and in the regulations for each district, in all districts
the following uses shall be prohibited:
. . .
H. The renting, leasing or subletting, and the advertisement thereof by any means, of a principal
dwelling, or any part thereof, or of any accessory structure, for a term of less than thirty (30)
consecutive days is prohibited. A duly issued permit pursuant to Chapter 37 herein is exempt from
this prohibition. The rental, leasing or subletting of a principal dwelling for a term of thirty (30)
consecutive days or more in a 365 day period is permitted. No more than two (2) such rentings,
lessings or sublettings may occur in any 365 day period. There shall be no multiple occupancies or
renting of individual rooms at any time. The homeowner must notify the Village Clerk and Village
Police Department of the name and contact telephone number of the individual(s) occupying the
premises upon renting, leasing or subletting authorized under this section.

SECTION II. This local law shall take effect upon the filing with the Department of State.
By Order of the Board of Trustees
Lisa Mancuso
Village Clerk/Treasurer
Dated: December 20, 2023